Music Festival Outfit and Fashion Ideas for 2021


Gone are the days of handmade flower crowns, tie-dye (mostly), and crochet crop tops as festival fashion has evolved over the years. The diversity of festival clothing is something that is continuously changing due to the ever-changing trends in fashion. So, if you were wondering what to wear or where to buy festival clothing, here are a few fashion tips as well as a few outfit ideas for what’s left of 2021. What To Consider When Choosing Festival Clothing

If you don’t know where to start, the first thing you should consider when planning an outfit for a festival is the weather. It is the most important factor to ensure that you look good and that you are comfortable. Being unprepared for the weather can really ruin the weekend for you, so it is important to you coordinate your clothing accordingly. Having a real-time weather app so that your information is up-to-date is important.

Once you have the weather down, it is fine to start putting together your outfit. Everyone has their own way of expressing themselves, so stick to yourself and what makes you look and feel good. Take a look at what’s hot on sites like Shein, fashion Nova, even ASOS. If you are on a really tight budget, don’t worry. You can choose where you shop based on the coupons available at . It can be really easy to get caught up in trends, so it is important to remember to adjust a trend to you.

If you don’t like fast fashion, thrifting has taken many by storm and, although the treasure hunt can be quite a lengthy process, the satisfaction of putting an outfit together from scratch is always rewarding. Thrifting means that your outfit will be 100% unique and sustainable, too, which is incredibly in fashion.

If you are going for a full three-day festival, you can make it easier on yourself by going for a theme each day.

Another top tip for putting an outfit together is to accessorize AFTERWARDS. It can be seriously tempting to put your accessories together first and to build an outfit around them afterward, but it is a lot easier to decide what you want to wear and style it when you’re done. A Few Trendy Outfit Ideas

1. Bold Colors

2021-2022 is building up to be a psychedelic explosion of bold colors. This is a statement that is sending off all of the negativity of the past year and a half. Consider an oversized, colorful fleece jacket over something cute as a must for when it gets colder at a festival. 2. Headwear

Headwear is something that comes back each year. Look to Etsy for something really unique if you want to make some heads turn. 3. Pastel Colors

The color trend for 2021-2022 is blue. Who knew? Whether you go for a muted lilac, or a soft, baby blue, pastel colors are in, and even bigger than before. 4. Earthy Tones

If blues […]